Healthy habits for families

Healthy habits for families

Carrefour Mousseau, Longueuil

Those whom the Carrefour Mousseau in Longueuil welcome through its doors have few resources and little control over their living conditions.

Stress and anxiety resulting from poverty can take a toll, especially on families. The Jardin, saveurs et savoir-faire initiative is designed to improve their overall health, as well as promote a sense of inclusion and well-being.

Jardin, saveurs et savoir-faire teaches families and people of all ages about the produce they eat, how it grows and how to enjoy it. Participants can take part in gardening workshops to gain a variety of gardening skills and learn new tips for how to enjoy fruits and vegetables from their garden. In addition to learning about good gardening practices, special attention is given to culinary enjoyment. “The goal is to enjoy healthy eating, make healthy choices and encourage healthy habits”, explains Carrefour Mousseau director of food security, Janick Laroche.

Enjoyed by people in every age group, the Jardin, saveurs et savoir-faire project is used by day camps, seniors residences and even daycares. Ten-year old Léonie participated in one of their gardening and cooking programs last summer: “Now I feel like chef every time I’m in the kitchen, playing with different flavors and ingredients. And when I grow up, I can cook Christmas dinner for my kids and teach them what I learned.”

“The support and expertise from the LÉGER FOUNDATION on this project has really helped strengthen and diversify the services we offer”, explains Carrefour Mousseau community liaison Mireille Audet.

“In the end we want our participants to feel in control about decisions that affect their health and well-being; we want to improve their quality of life, and to promote the healthy development of vulnerable children as well as provide support for their families. To achieve all this our partnership with the LÉGER FOUNDATION plays an indispensable role,” continues Carrefour Mousseau executive director Lynn Doyon.

This article is from the march 2017 edition of the IN QUEBEC newsletter. To read the full version of the newsletter and discover all the documents published by the LÉGER FOUNDATION this year, visit the Publications section of our website.

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