Aid for Nepalese children after the earthquake

Aid for Nepalese children after the earthquake

In partnership with GlobalMedic

When natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes hit areas where the LÉGER FOUNDATION provides aid, we mobilize with our partners to help these devastated populations. On April 25, 2015, a violent 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal. Over 7,000 people died and over 8,000,000 became stranded because of damage from the catastrophe. In partnership with GlobalMedic, LÉGER FOUNDATION volunteers and project managers travelled to the area to take stock of the disaster. They handed out drinking water and hygiene kits to pregnant women and installed water purification systems and temporary shelters.

Earthquakes hit youth the hardest, as children lose their families, homes, community centres and schools: in other words, the entire network that generally protects them. Volunteers on the ground in Nepal quickly discovered the lack of resources specifically for youth. The LÉGER FOUNDATION therefore helped alleviate the impact of the earthquake on these children by creating sixteen Child Friendly Spaces (CFS). By collaborating with local partners who know their communities, the LÉGER FOUNDATION was able to prioritize the most pressing issues. For example, it set up the first CFS in the Sindhupalchowk district, where ten out of eleven schools had been completely destroyed.

CFS services are essential, as these Nepalese children lost their daily structure and routine after the earthquake. At the CFS, they have a safe and familiar place where they can forget their worries and have fun in peace. Qualified staff members run activities to let the children express their emotions and get through the trauma. The kids can also make friends, take part in directed activities or simply play.

The children love the CFS, some of which are still in operation even six months after the tragedy, and these spaces will be around as long as there is a need while the schools are being rebuilt. So far, nearly 5,000 children have benefited from these services.

By setting up shelters and tents for the CFS, installing water purification equipment, and handing out hygiene kits for pregnant women, the LÉGER FOUNDATION has helped thousands of families and children get through this terrible ordeal.

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