idAction Mobile project from Exeko

idAction Mobile project from Exeko

Photo: Jacques Nadeau

Feeding the soul

The housing crisis in aboriginal communities has amplified the problem of homelessness in urban settings. First Nations people come to big cities hoping to find better economic conditions, but like all visible minorities, they face in social services, public safety, employment, the media and the justice system. The landmarks not only spatial reference points, but cultural and spiritual touchstones.

Exeko set up the idAction mobile project to help members of this community find their reference points again, share their life experiences and form new connections. A caravan drives around the streets of Montreal, building bridges between various itinerant communities. idAction mobile provides a mobile library service, a series of creative interactive workshops that foster independent thinking through the exploration of reflection tools, taking ownership of social issues and action, with the goal of promoting participants’ inclusion in society.

By coming to a better understanding of the society in which you live, having the tools you need to formulate your thoughts and finding examples of solidarity and change elsewhere in the world, you can fight your own prejudices and become fully engaged in your community. While the initial objective was to meet and help the aboriginal community, the professionals at idAction soon realized that they were filling a major gap for all homeless people, of whatever origin.

To learn more about idAction, watch this video.


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