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Montreal, November 18, 2014. – Actor and TV host Marc-André Coallier is teaming up with the LÉGER FOUNDATION to help the homeless. Deeply involved in his community and very well connected, the former host of 100 watts has been diving right into the work of the groups and professionals who receive funding from the LÉGER FOUNDATION to gain a better grasp of the realities of people affected by poverty. “It was thanks to the LÉGER FOUNDATION that I met Geneviève, an ex-homeless person who is now a vendor for L’Itinéraire and sits on the magazine’s Board of Directors. I also climbed aboard the mobile clinic run by Médecins du Monde, where I met some of society’s outcasts, people in dire need of health care. I saw men and women who are just trying to carve out a small place for themselves in society.”

The hidden face of homelessness

There’s a hidden form of homelessness that’s growing, both in the big city and out in the regions. It’s the faces of women with no fixed address, who sleep wherever they can find a place; pensioners who can’t afford a decent apartment even though they’ve worked hard all their lives; aboriginal people who really need to feel welcome and wanted; and teens who’d like to rejoin mainstream society but just don’t fit the mould. There are many initiatives across Quebec, but the glaring lack of financial resources makes it very difficult to meet the many needs of this extremely varied group of people.

It’ll take more than that

How can we do more for them? By caring, of course… as always. But with needs so great, making a concrete gesture is really the best way to help the homeless. And that’s why Marc-André Coallier is asking you to give whatever you can to the LÉGER FOUNDATION’s campaign to help the homeless. “Every small caring gesture that’s turned into a donation enables the LÉGER FOUNDATION to support a group that helps the poor and disadvantaged. With your help, a teen will go back to school, a woman will find a safe place to sleep, an unemployed person will get a good hot meal, or a homeless person will spend the night inside, in a nice warm room.”

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You can make a donation:

Through our secure website: http://mercidedonner.leger.org/en/homeless

By telephone: 514 495-2409 /1 877 288-7383

By mail: LÉGER FOUNDATION, 130 de l’Épée Avenue, Montreal, Quebec H2V 3T2

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