Families that learn together, grow together

Families that learn together, grow together

Je soutiens mon enfant à l’école / South Shore

Le Fablier, une histoire de famille helps prevent illiteracy among parents and their children aged 0 to 12. For twenty years, it has created multiple projects to promote childhood literacy and prevent school dropouts. From its experience, the agency believes that current learning tools aren’t always suited to parents who have problems with reading and writing. This is why Le Fablier wants to implement Je soutiens mon enfant à l’école, a project that will launch this fall to encourage parents in Longueuil to help their preschool-aged children with their studies.

The latest data shows that 53% of Quebeckers aged 16 to 65 experience reading problems. This keeps them from effectively helping their children with their homework.

“People with reading problems have often had bad experiences in childhood. The goal is to break down this negative experience by bringing parents into their child’s school environment. We can’t equip parents with skills as educators until we change our negative perceptions of them. Throughout the workshop, we want parents to develop their independence and self-confidence. For children, our goal is for them to develop good self-esteem and receive a constructive message about school from their parents. Reinforcing the family connection contributes a great deal to school success.”

– Sonia Desbiens, Coordinator of Le Fablier.

After twenty years of providing adult literacy education, Le Fablier has many successes to its name.

“A single mother went back to get her high school diploma after attending our workshops with her three children. Participating in your child’s education in a fun environment makes you want to go further. We also encourage parents to get involved in the agency’s democratic life. This experience not only gets them involved but also includes them socially too.”

Before choosing the right financial partner, the agency carefully analyzed the LÉGER FOUNDATION’s action strategy to see whether its mission and values aligned with its own.

“We wanted to be sure that our partner’s perception of poverty was the same as our own. We liked the LÉGER FOUNDATION’s approach and the way it supports us. The LÉGER FOUNDATION gives us credibility, but we keep our own identity and work on what’s essential: launching this new project next fall in schools on the South Shore,” concluded Sonia Desbiens.

cover picture for the IN QUEBEC newsletterThis article is from the March 2016 edition of the LÉGER FOUNDATION IN QUÉBEC newsletter. To read the full version of the newsletter and discover all the documents published by the LÉGER FOUNDATION this year, visit the Publications section of our website .

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