Edmonton’s youth working for social justice

Edmonton’s youth working for social justice

What started as a brief discussion around the theme of social justice in a religious education course quickly transformed into a community initiative led by the students of Edmonton’s Cardinal Léger Junior High School. Last September, as students were looking for information on Paul-Émile Léger, the man who gave his name to their school, they asked themselves what happened to the Cardinal’s African missions after his death in 1991. Did his legacy endured? And if his endeavours still exist, how could they too contribute to these missions for global social justice?

Last October, the school’s 380 students united their efforts for a fundraiser to benefit the LÉGER FOUNDATION, which took the form of a book and magazine sale. All in all, more than $5,500 was raised!

The presentation of the official cheque to the LÉGER FOUNDATION team took place on April 25, 2013, Cardinal Léger’s birthday, live from the school gym through Skype, with the 380 students, 25 employees and teachers and 3 guests who took part in the project gathered for the occasion.

The students plan on repeating the experience next year and invite the eight schools in Canada bearing the Cardinal’s name to join them!

It is initiatives such as these that allow us to improve the quality of life of thousands of people, here in Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

Our warmest thanks to this activity’s organizers and participants!

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