Basic meals and nutrition

Basic meals and nutrition

PAS de la rue, South central Montreal

Life on the streets is not easy for anyone and even less so for seniors. Survival is harsh and takes an especially high physical and psychological toll on the elderly.

Unfortunately, homelessness among seniors is growing and so is the need to respond. That’s why the LÉGER FOUNDATION supports PAS de la rue, an organization dedicated to helping homeless and vulnerable individuals age 55 and over.

For 20 years PAS de la rue has been helping people age 55 and over facing homelessness. With an aging population the need is growing as more and more seniors find themselves in precarious circumstances for the first time in their lives. Last year alone the organization reported a 39% increase in its number of clients. “For many seniors this is their first brush with homelessness, often after having suffered a combined loss of employment and health problems”, explains PAS de la rue director Robert Beaudry.

To help meet an ever-growing demand, the organization runs a number of initiatives ranging from homeless outreach to shelter and accommodation and meal services. Their meal services and nutrition program is where support the LÉGER FOUNDATION has played an especially important role over the years.

Serving almost 500 homeless or vulnerable seniors every year, PAS de la rue provides basic meals (breakfast and lunch) as well as nutritional workshops and info sessions for their clients. This program meets the unique needs of homeless and vulnerable seniors, encourages their active participation, and improves their overall sense of wellbeing by ensuring access to healthy, tasty meals. And it’s not just about meeting nutritional needs; the project also encourages the development of other skills like household budgeting, cooking and more.

“Support from the LÉGER FOUNDATION is essential to PAS de la rue not only because it allows us to maintain our existing meal program, but also because it addresses the bigger problem of food security for an aging population that is more vulnerable to homelessness than ever before”, says Beaudry.

This article is from the march 2017 edition of the IN QUEBEC newsletter. To read the full version of the newsletter and discover all the documents published by the LÉGER FOUNDATION this year, visit the Publications section of our website.

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