An urban oasis for single mothers

An urban oasis for single mothers

Oasis / Montréal

For single mothers, poverty as well as problems accessing the job market often result in psychological distress and an inability to move forward. For society, this situation has major social costs. For children, it compromises their quality of life and development. This is why Mères avec pouvoir (MAP), with the help of the LÉGER FOUNDATION, has added the OASIS project to its services.

MAP originally started as 30 transitional housing units that help single mothers with young children in the Centre-Sud get on the road to independence. To participate in MAP activities, these moms must commit to a realistic life goal, which may include starting or going back to school, developing their employability, looking for a job, or working on keeping one.

“We look out for the welfare of both mothers and their children. We want things to change after these moms come through our program. And in general, things do change. We hear back from our clients, who tell us that things continue to change for them after they leave MAP. They just keep making progress. Although we call them transitional apartments, I see them more as a launching pad that gives these moms new momentum and a new start. MAP has seen a lot of successes.

– Social worker Diane St-Cyr.”

The agency also estimates that they have an 85% success rate with mothers who stay with MAP for three years. To improve its approach, MAP now wants to provide education about healthy lifestyles to both mothers and their children by launching a series of food security activities. In collaboration with Carrefour alimentaire Centre-Sud, and thanks to financial support from the LÉGER FOUNDATION, MAP can give clients access to a personalized purchasing group, parent- child cooking activities, individual cooking advice and tips, and plenty of psychomotor or reading and writing readiness activities for children. For the LÉGER FOUNDATION, the OASIS project is a unique addition to MAP’s services that strengthens its social action plan. Overall, it provides tools to help these families enjoy a better future.

cover picture for the IN QUEBEC newsletterThis article is from the March 2016 edition of the LÉGER FOUNDATION IN QUÉBEC newsletter. To read the full version of the newsletter and discover all the documents published by the LÉGER FOUNDATION this year, visit the Publications section of our website .

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