If you wish to make a real contribution for change, if you have lots of motivation and perseverance, you probably have the essential qualities we seek. But you must also meet all the conditions and abide by all rules, so make sure to read carefully the procedure before filling your application.


  • 1. Choose a cause that you really care about.
  • 2. Target a group of needy people.
  • 3. Determine a specific need that your project could meet.
  • 4. Ensure that your project falls under one of the following categories: our work in Quebec or our work abroad. Whatever the category you choose, your project can take the form of a direct action (visiting seniors, community kitchen, etc.) or indirect action (public awareness, fundraiser, etc.).
  • 5. Discuss your project with people that could help you or that might want to join your team.
  • 6. Target organizations that could help you carry out your project.
  • 7. Fill in the online application form.
  • 8. By regular mail or e-mail, send in all necessary documents.


Here are the main deadlines for the 2015-2016 YCA program:


  • November 24, 2015: Deadline for submitting online application form together with all necessary support documents.

Support documents required

Don’t forget to include the following three support documents, and your subscription form (by regular mail or e-mail) before November 24, 2015:


  • A support letter from someone at your college (teacher, school counsellor, career counsellor, program director, facilitator, etc.) or from an authorized officer of the partner organization targeted.
  • A copy of your registration in a college-level institution. In the case of a group project, each participant must send one.
  • A motivation letter or a video. In the case of a group project, one for the group is enough.

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