To better your odds, make sure your project meets all the following criteria:

  • Respects the priorities established by the LÉGER FOUNDATION
    (Action in Quebec: Street youth, seniors, poor families. International Action: Agricultural development in a spirit of solidarity, economic development in a spirit of solidarity, protecting children and young people.);
  • Plays a role in a societal change designed to improve living conditions with full respect for human dignity and the environment;
  • Targeting specific needs or objectives;
  • Includes a long-term vision (sustainability, continuation or training a new generation);
  • Targets a large and diverse audience;
  • Solicits input from many diverse partners;
  • Plays a role in informing the population via various media and raising their awareness of the issues;
  • Includes a realistic budget and eligible expenses (see regulations below);
  • Brings together a team that is strong, serious and dynamic;
  • Is innovative, original and daring!


People taking part in the YCA program must abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • Activity Report
    Payment of the last $50 grant instalment is conditional to the reception of an activity report (with all relevant invoices), to be submitted by September 30, 2016. If an activity report is not submitted by this deadline, the LÉGER FOUNDATION reserves the right to withhold payment of the last instalment.
  • Recognition
    All documents relating to the project (brochures, flyers, posters, videos, etc.) must bear the following statement: “This project was made possible thanks to the LÉGER FOUNDATION’s Youth Citizens in Action program.”
  • Public image
    The use of LÉGER FOUNDATION’s name or logo must be submitted for prior authorization to the LÉGER FOUNDATION.


Don’t risk being eliminated despite your determination. Please make sure that your project:

  • Only appears on one application;
  • Is presented by a student who is enrolled for the fall session at a college in Quebec;
  • Comes under one of the categories (Action in Quebec or International Action);
  • Is an original initiative based on citizen involvment;
  • Can be completed on your own or as part of a team;
  • Targets specific needs or objectives;
  • Does not include ineligible expenses
    Ineligible: airfare, vaccination, purchase of computer or audio-visual equipment (rental costs are allowed), salaries, honorariums for speakers or resource people.
    All other expenses deemed ineligible by the committee can result in your project being rejected.
  • Clearly presents eligible expenses
    Eligible: purchase or rental of equipment needed for the project, travel costs (maximum $100) and per diem (maximum $50) for a guest speaker, the cost of renting a room for an activity.
    Other unavoidable and necessary expenses must be detailed and justified.