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In 2013, the LÉGER FOUNDATION completely reviewed its intervention policy concerning Quebec and international community organizations.

We are pleased to provide you today with the information concerning the LÉGER FOUNDATION’S new action strategy. The following documents (soon to be available in English) outline the LÉGER FOUNDATION’s priorities, how to submit a proposal and general eligibility criteria :

Stratégie d’action de L’ŒUVRE LÉGER

Application de la stratégie d’action de L’ŒUVRE LÉGER

If, after reading these documents, you still have questions please contact me, either by email ( or by phone (514-495-2409, ex. 117). As always, I will be happy to answer all of your questions.

You involvement in the community is very precious to us, and for that, we thank you.


Lucie Lauzon
Program Manager in Quebec
514-495-2409 ext. 117