Support for youth in crisis

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Partners: Centre des jeunes L’Escale and the École Amos in Montréal-Nord.

Project: Prévencité

Prévencité is an initiative of the Centre des jeunes L’Escale and the École Amos in Montréal-Nord. This intervention program targets youth aged 16 to 20 who are having trouble at school or problems adapting to their environment.

As a way to tackle the high crime rate among youth, this prevention program targets about sixty youth considered at risk of dropping out of school or who have problems with violent behaviour or drug and alcohol use. Providing these youth with a stimulating environment adapted to their reality is the best way to keep them in school and prevent them from becoming marginalized even more.

These young people not only make new friends but also talk with staff members about different situations and problems in their personal lives. These youth volunteer, attend group workshops, take part in outdoor and adventure activities, and join art and dance classes, all while receiving individual help.

Prévencité received a 2014 award of excellence from the health and social services network in recognition of its promotion, prevention and protection approach to improve the health and well-being of young people in Montréal-Nord. The success of these teens, who have histories of setbacks and great personal and social hardship, is a source of immense pride for staff who are dedicated to this project.