Feed a Child


In Quebec, 237,000 children are suffering the dire effects of poverty. Their stomachs are rumbling, they never seem to get enough to eat.  Their emotional, physical, intellectual, and social development is at stake, and their future’s a big question mark. It’s simply unacceptable… but  you can help change things with Feed a Child.


In Quebec

  • More than one in three children under the age of five in Montreal come from families below
    the low-income cut-off.
  • 53% of families with children are headed by single parents in Quebec.
  • The child poverty rate in Quebec is 15.6%.


Feed a Child supports community groups in Quebec that go beyond simply providing food aid. In addition to meals and snacks, the selected groups offer a range of services and activities designed to promote the emotional, intellectual, and social development of poor children, such as:

  • homeword supervision and lesson workshops;
  • cooking classes;
  • community kitchens and community gardens;
  • help from psychologists and other professionals for children suffering from neglect.


Feed a Child distributes 100% of the donations received so that children up to the age of 16 who come from poor neighbourhoods can improve their eating habits and develop to their full potential… and dream of a brighter tomorrow, just like other children!