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Food aid

Supporting initiatives regarding food security. The activities selected are primarily aimed at stimulating the capacity of families to provide for their own food requirements.

  • Emergency food programs such as distribution of food baskets, meals and snacks, inasmuch as they allow participants to explore other forms of activities aimed towards the development and empowerment of the individuals and families concerned.
  • Transmission of culinary skills and nutritional knowledge, including a cooking school for children 4 to 12.
  • Buying groups to reduce the cost of food and promote access to healthy food choices (fruit and vegetables).
  • Local actions aimed at enabling families to grow a garden, such as community or collective garden initiatives.
  • Collective kitchens that reduce costs, foster quality and variety, and allow people to socialize.


Organizations we support:

  • Cuisines Collectives de Cabano / Bas-Saint-Laurent
  • La Grande Table / Estrie
  • Ressources communautaires Sophie / Laurentides
  • Enfants D’Abord / Laval
  • Ressource Action-Alimentaire Parc-Extension / Montréal
  • Entre Parents de Montréal-Nord / Montréal
  • Cuisines Collectives du Grand Plateau / Montréal
  • Station Familles / Montréal
  • Regroupement des Magasins-Partage de l’île de Montréal / Montréal

Family support and guidance

Supporting structuring initiatives geared to the psychological development of families. These activities must help children and their parents strengthen their self-esteem and their capacity to take charge of themselves.

  • Peer support groups focused on acquiring or strengthening parenting skills.
  • Training activities on dialogue and non-violence to counter episodes of loss of control, both within families and between children.


Organizations we support:

  • La Maison de la Famille du Témiscouata / Bas-Saint-Laurent
  • Cerf Volant de Portneuf / Capitale-Nationale
  • Regroupement Actions Familles à Lac St-Charles / Capitale-Nationale
  • Maternaide du Québec / Mauricie
  • Pro-Anawin (Centre Roland-Bertrand) / Mauricie
  • Carrefour Mousseau / Montérégie
  • La Maison des Parents Bordeaux Cartierville / Montréal
  • Accueils Au cœur de l’enfance / Montréal
  • La Maison des familles de Saint-Laurent / Montréal


  • Accompaniment and support activities aimed at helping children mobilize their own personal resources to succeed in their undertakings and be proud of themselves, such as homework assistance.
  • Helping women who are victims of domestic violence or facing difficulties regain their independence. The loss of independence directly impacts self-confidence and the capacity to succeed in life.
  • Providing women who are victims of domestic violence or facing difficulties and their children a safe haven and psychosocial support that will allow them to regain power over their lives. Providing them with food and lodging, safety, psychological support, and strategies for social integration.
  • Supporting second-stage houses that help women and children who were victims of domestic violence after their stay at emergency shelters. Providing low-cost housing in a secure living environment where they can continue with the process of devictimization.
  • Supporting women who head single-parent households who want to complete their schooling by providing affordable housing.


Organizations we support:

  • La Maison de la famille de Sherbrooke / Estrie
  • Maison l’Océane / Montréal

School support

Coaching and support activities aimed at helping children mobilize their personal resources for succeeding in their endeavours and be proud of themselves, such as homework assistance programs.


Organizations we support:

  • Comité Gendron / Côte-Nord
  • Maison des Jeunes de l’Épiphanie / Lanaudière