Humanitarian Aid

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When natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes strike in areas where the LÉGER FOUNDATION’s international projects are located, it can respond to the needs of its partners and affected populations for humanitarian aid.

This capacity of the organization and of its partners overseas is based on humanitarian aid projects carried out over the past 20 years:

  • Nepal earthquake (2015) – LÉGER FOUNDATION will distribute drinking water and install water purification systems and temporary shelter.
  • Typhon Haiyan aux Philippines (2013) – LÉGER FOUNDATION distributed drinking water to the people who were affected by the passage of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Thus, many contributed to the recovery of all those affected by this disaster.
  • Earthquake in Haiti (2010-2011) – The LÉGER FOUNDATION has carried out a project to rehabilitate the Cardinal Léger Hospital with the support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Soeurs Missionnaires du Christ-Roi Congregation who manage the hospital. This project has met with great success and is currently in its final assessment stage.
  • Tsunami in India and Sri Lanka (2004-2005) – The LÉGER FOUNDATION has carried out a project to rehabilitate and rebuild homes, and also providing medical supplies to its Indian and Sri Lankan partners.
  • Hurricane Mitch in Honduras and Nicaragua (1998-2001) – After devastating floods, the LÉGER FOUNDATION has set up large-scale projects for the rebuilding and rehabilitation of the affected communities.
  • Famine in Ethiopia (1984-1985) – Following a severe drought, the LÉGER FOUNDATION has set up an important project to respond to the needs of its partners regarding food security.

Respecting the principles of “do no harm” and of the Sphere Project humanitarian charter, the LÉGER FOUNDATION is working in synergy on the international scene, as well as with Canadian partners able to provide cutting-edge expertise, technologies, and specialized volunteers on projects and humanitarian missions. These Canadian partners allow the LÉGER FOUNDATION to provide several types of first- and second-line humanitarian aid: search and rescue; water purification; inflatable hospitals; temporary shelters; reconstruction and rehabilitation; risk prevention; economic revitalization; etc.


Since 2013, a series of strategic activities have been carried out to learn from the past and prepare the next stages of a new humanitarian aid strategy:

  • basic training in international humanitarian aid for first responders in Quebec;
  • water purification for 500 affected families following the 2010 earthquake in Léogâne, Haiti.