Mobile Education Vans

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Protecting and educating children through Mobile Education Vans

Partenaire: Childhope Asia Philippines

Pays: Philippines

Since 2005, the LÉGER FOUNDATION has been supporting ChildHope Asia Philippines in its mission to prevent child abuse by supporting the agency’s Mobile Education Vans.

These two vans travel around the same target neighbourhoods in Manila and provides various services to educate children and youth. Staff teach them about basic hygiene (such as how to brush their teeth), give them tips to better function in society (such as how to count), and show them how to watch out for and recognize sexual predators.

Children who participate in the different workshops also get to go to a restaurant, which is often their only true meal of the week. In addition to building children’s awareness, staff also ask the community to contribute by watching out for children to protect them from potential sexual predators. The entire community is therefore brought together thanks to the work of these Mobile Education Vans.