Our international projects are growing!

Our international projects are growing!

This past year at the LÉGER FOUNDATION our international programming has taken off in exciting new directions. Thanks to the reputation of our international work, the LÉGER FOUNDATION has successfully signed new agreements with important partners like the Canadian and Quebec governments, as well as many private foundations. Together with the generosity of donors like you, our partnerships now support a total of 23 projects in 11 countries with an impact on 135,000 people around the world!

From promoting food security in Burkina Faso, Bolivia and Peru, to protecting vulnerable women and children in India, to providing humanitarian aid in Cameroon; these are just some of the exciting new international initiatives the LÉGER FOUNDATION is working on. With new projects come challenges as well as opportunities. To ensure their success, we have strengthened our leadership, reinforced our team of experts and the relationships with our partners, and forged new relationships with some of Quebec and Canada’s leading organizations including SUCO, Union Paysanne, Public Relations Without Borders and the Centre For International Cooperation In Health And Development.

These developments would not be possible without your support. That we are able to help more and more people around the world, year after year, regain their dignity is first and foremost thanks to the generosity of donors like you. It is with pleasure that we invite you to learn more about our some of our international projects for food security, social inclusion and humanitarian relief. We are excited to share the positive results which are already taking shape, which, together with your support, are helping forge a world of equality, security and dignity for all.

This article is from the fall 2016 edition of theLÉGER FOUNDATION IN THE WORLD newsletter. To read the full version of the newsletter and discover all the documents published by the LÉGER FOUNDATION this year, visit the Publications section of our website.

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