A team composed of LÉGER FOUNDATION and GlobalMedic volunteers set out yesterday into remote areas to deliver shelters. The view we had, driving along the valley walls, though breathtaking, was also a little scary at moments. Needless to say, staring out the car window at the massive drop that you are skirting is not recommendable for someone with a fear of heights.

The first shelter, delivered and set up in Sunaulo Bazar village, will be used out a patient check-up facility as well as for maternal and newborn care. Their actual medical outpost building was destroyed.

The second shelter, set up in Kumpur Bhanjang, will be used as a general medical clinic, since their medical outpost was completely cracked. Despite being unsafe, people remained in the building since they had nowhere to go.

Though it is a laborious process to get to these remote areas, it is much needed!

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