Since June 4, a second team of LÉGER FOUNDATION volunteers is on the ground in Nepal, where she joined our GlobalMedic partners. Marie-Faye Galarneau is a young medical student at Université de Montréal and Shannon Kelly works as camerawoman for CTV.

Since their arrival, volunteers have worked closely with our Nepali partners to establish Child Friendly Spaces (CFS). CFS are places where children have access to a psychological counselor, activities, snacks, and all they need to regain some normalcy after what they experienced. Our volunteers visit communities to assess whether a Child Friendly Space is needed, and provide logistical support to our local coordinator Bandita Thapa for implementation. They shall also ensure that the required services are available and that children are treated with dignity.

Your donations will be used to help children who survived the earthquake, who for some have lost loved ones. Give generously !

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