Kabita Bhattarai, the battle against leprosy

Kabita Bhattarai, the battle against leprosy

Kabita Bhattarai, one of twelve Real Heroes award recipients, was born on 28 of February in 1961 in a high cast Brahmin family in Kathmandu. Her education and professional career have taken her around the world, from studies at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand and Harvard University in the USA, to consulting for CECI and assisting the Nepalese Prime minister. On top of having a very impressive academic and professional resume, Kabita has decided to dedicate herself to the noble and selfless cause of running the Little Flower Welfare Association in the state of Bihar, India.

For her incredible work, relentless perseverance, and warm heart Kabita was nominated and received one of twelve Real Heroes awards for 2013. This honour, awarded by CNN-IBN and the Reliance Foundation, aims to highlight the positive contribution of usually unrecognized Indian heroes who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of the Indian society.

As director of the Little Flower Leprosy Association, Kabita Bhattarai has been doing just that! In a society where fear, stigma and rejection surround leprosy, Kabita is described as a crusader in the battle against the disease. Little Flower, which now encompasses a hospital, school, housing, and income generating activities, takes up all of her time and energy which she gives freely and unstintingly, exemplified further by her refusal to accept a salary.

The Leger Foundation is proud to be supporting Little Flower Leprosy Association through its international development programs, and that all of Kabita’s heroic work and dedication is being recognized.


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