Giving back dignity

Giving back dignity

Swayam and Prajwala – India, Southeast Asia

India is a nation of many contrasts, with its treatment of women being one.

While a small minority of women enjoy many rights and freedoms, the vast majority of women in India live in conditions which leave them vulnerable to abuse, conjugal violence, human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Your support helps the LÉGER FOUNDATION and its partners, the Swayam and Prajwala organizations, in their initiatives to improve the conditions for vulnerable women and girls in India, by protecting their rights and promoting their safety and wellbeing.

Violence against women is widespread in India, where it is estimated that an assault on a woman takes place every four minutes. The LÉGER FOUNDATION supports Swayam its efforts to protect, advocate for, and offer services to women who are victims of violence. They do so within a cultural context that traditionally encourages victims to remain silent with regards to assault, marriage of underage girls, and payment of bridal dowries.

Swayam intervenes directly on behalf of victims and survivors of conjugal violence by offering medical aid, psychosocial support, and legal assistance. In addition, they operate a centre with a variety of therapeutic services designed to help victims regain their self-esteem and develop new skills for successful reintegration into society.

India also struggles to contain the trafficking of women and children for purposes of forced labour and sexual exploitation, with an estimated 1,200,000 current victims. Together with support from the LÉGER FOUNDATION, Prajwala is on the frontlines of human trafficking, providing women and children who have been forced into prostitution a safe haven and facilitating their physical and psychological healing as they develop skills to function in society again.

Prajwala intervenes directly in situations of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and operates a centre for victims to seek safety, refuge, and healing. Women and children benefit from short-term accommodation as well as physical and psychological care, and are equipped with new strengths and skills to help regain their sense of wellbeing and autonomy.

Thanks to several well executed campaigns, both Swayam and Prajwala have made substantial gains towards increased awareness, better prevention, and more effective treatment of abused women in India. The exceptional leadership of these two organizations is resulting in a perceptible shift towards the improved status of India’s most vulnerable women and children.

This article is from the fall 2016 edition of theLÉGER FOUNDATION IN THE WORLD newsletter. To read the full version of the newsletter and discover all the documents published by the LÉGER FOUNDATION this year, visit the Publications section of our website.

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