Break the silence for the protection of children

Break the silence for the protection of children

Break the Silence, LÉGER FOUNDATION’s child protection program in Nepal, is expanding outside of Kathmandu. With our local partner and project coordinator Voice of Children, we traveled to the cities of Hatauda and Itahari to conduct trainings on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention with local NGOs.

The two-day trainings cover a range of topics including online or mobile forms of exploitation, how to challenge cultural norms that can lead to child exploitation, legalities and follow-up on cases of child abuse, and general discussions on specific cases.
Despite working with children and youth, many participants express surprise at the topic of sexual abuse of boys. Culturally it is almost impossible for them to conceive that a boy would be sexually abused by an adult man. At the end of both trainings, participants stated that this was invaluable information and agree that the topic needs to be monitored more closely.

sexualabuseLÉGER FOUNDATION’s support has enabled Voice of Children to facilitate the trainings while creating and translating essential materials to spread awareness about child sexual abide and the Break the Silence program.

The two trainings were a success with a total of 49 participants representing 37 organizations! We are confident that the Break the Silence program will continue to grow and protect more children in the future.

To learn more about Break the Silence program and to donate, vist the project Web page.

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