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Do you own securities, mutual funds, obligations and other stocks or bonds?

Make a gift of securities to L’ŒUVRE LÉGER and take action for human dignity.

A gift of securities allows you to pay no income tax on the taxable portion of your capital gains. However, to benefit from this tax credit, your securities must be directly transferred to L’ŒUVRE LÉGER without selling them first. You will receive an income tax receipt for 100% of the fair market value of the securities on the day they are directly transferred to the account of L’ŒUVRE LÉGER. This transfer can often be done electronically.

For example, if you own securities with a market value of $10,000, it is more profitable as regards income tax to choose a direct gift to L’ŒUVRE LÉGER rather than selling and then donating the proceeds.

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In addition, this type of gift lets you make an important contribution without touching your liquidities, especially if you own securities and other stocks and bonds that have considerably
increased in value since you first acquired them.

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