The Tale of Isko: Paying it forward

The Tale of Isko: Paying it forward

This is the story of Isko…

…a former street child who proved to the world that poverty need not be a hindrance to success.

There was a time when Isko was just another child living in slums. At an early age, Isko already knew that he had to fend for himself if he wanted to survive. Every day, he would get up at six in the morning for school, and by afternoon, he would strive to sell flowers in the streets of Quezon City. For Isko, every centavo mattered to assure him just enough to last the day.

One fine afternoon, his friends brought him to a place that changed his life forever.

As he walked in, he found one of Childhope’s street educators conducting a session on the importance of proper hygiene. The minute he learned that he only needed to attend regularly and listen attentively to get food, he became keen on joining as well. Soon enough, he became one of Childhope’s most active participants and his hard work did not go unnoticed. As soon as his street educators realized that he had great potential, they invited him to become a Junior Health Worker (JHW).

Isko said that becoming a JHW was probably one of the best things that ever happened to him. This experience not only taught him how to administer first-aid and conduct sessions on primary health care, but also developed the self-confidence he needed to become an effective leader – on the streets and in school.

From street child to street educator

Isko, who once was a child with no clear direction in life, is now one of Childhope’s street educators, and they couldn’t be prouder of him. When asked why he decided to become a street educator, he enthusiastically shared with us how he wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of thousands of street children who have little or no support at all, and are already on the verge of giving up.

Isko knew that his time to pay it forward has arrived.

He said that his mission right now is to create more “Iskos.” As a former street child, he wants every street child to know that life truly does get better if you keep your head up and work hard enough. Nothing would make him happier than knowing he was able to help these kids carve out a better future for themselves.

Childhope feel truly blessed to have Isko as a part of their family. Like them, we at the LÉGER FOUNDATION know that he would make a wonderful street educator, and make a huge difference in every street child’s life. It’s kids like him that continuously inspire the both of our organizations to work harder towards achieving the mission to empower all street children to claim their rights and become responsible and respected members of our society.

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