Our Spokespersons

Jean-Pierre Coallier
Spokesperson for The LÉGER FOUNDATION

“In the late 50s, it was my privilege to present the daily radio show, Chapelet en famille, a program of prayer and contemplation to bring about long-lasting peace to the world, during which Cardinal Léger would say the rosary with the faithful at Montréal’s Marie-Reine-du-Monde Cathedral. Just about every family in the province listened to this program. It was at that time that I met His Eminence and had the opportunity to exchange with him, very modestly. In 1985, and over the 10 years that Ad Lib, my television program, was broadcast, we held a fundraiser to benefit the Cardinal’s endeavours, auctioning off all the gifts that I received back then from guests, the studio audience and viewers. I remember that during each of his visits to the program, His Eminence would repeat his message: ‘Spread joy and the world will be a better place!’ I took this message and I made it my motto. This man made an unforgettable impression on me. Helping others, spreading joy, making the world a better place: what a wonderful legacy!”

Marc-André Coallier
Spokesperson for The LÉGER FOUNDATION, Street Youth

“Ever since my father, Jean-Pierre Coallier, presented the daily radio show, Chapelet en famille, with Paul-Émile Cardinal Léger in the late 1950s, he has held the Cardinal and his endeavours in great esteem. Like my father, I’ve always cared deeply about the cause of human dignity in Quebec and around the world. The plight of young people is close to my heart. I believe it’s simply unacceptable for kids to have to live on the street – and at such an early age! The future of up-and-coming generations is everyone’s business. That’s why I decided to do my part to help by making a commitment to the LÉGER Foundation.”

Marie-Denise Pelletier
Spokesperson for the LÉGER FOUNDATION, International activities

“As far back as I can remember, helping each other has always been very important in my family. So when I was asked to become the spokesperson for The LÉGER FOUNDATION throughout the world, I accepted without any hesitation. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of traveling to Burkina Faso, Bolivia and Asia to see with my own eyes how every dollar helps transform people’s lives. I’ve seen people organize themselves and take charge of their lives. On behalf of those hundreds of thousands of women, men and children, I thank you for your generosity.”

Danielle Odderra and Roberto Medile
Spokespersons for the LÉGER FOUNDATION, Seniors

“Rich with life experience, seniors have a lot to offer, and are extraordinary role models. Yet many of them live in poverty and isolation. And that is unacceptable. The LÉGER FOUNDATION supports projects that truly improve the living conditions of our seniors. This is why we so readily agreed to act as spokespersons for their cause. In addition to singing for them in senior homes, this is another way for us to say thank you, thank you for allowing us to be professional singers for the past 50 years!”